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work station crane
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    The work station crane, also called jib crane, it is the ideal solution for the movement of loads in a circular area next to the working place.

    Unlike the gantry or EOT Crane that moves. The work station crane delicates its services to one workstation to increase productivity.

    We have the following various of work station crane:

    wall mounted jibs : wall mounted jib cranes offer a lower cost design with the greatest potential clearance under the boom.

    Free standing jibs: freestanding jib cranes mounted to a permanent concrete foundation require no additional support.

    Mast style jibs: mast style jib cranes can sometimes be a lower cost alternative to free standing jib cranes or wall mounted jib cranes.

    Articulating jibs: articulating jib cranes are an ideal solution used for maneuvering loads in and around challenging spaces.

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