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learn basic knowledge of the battery heavy load cart
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    learn basic knowledge of the battery heavy load cart

    In these situations,you just use the material transfer carts for a short time and your factory is really dangerous such as the electricity and the steel or steel pipes and really need to consider.

    You donnot so care about the basic cost of the railway transfer carts and most importantly,your factory is far away from the country side and there is no electricity power supply in your factory around,so,in this situation and you must also need a heavy load cart to transfer your heavy load materials,the battery heavy load cart is your only choice and this is also the reason why we design and manufacturing the battery heavy load carts.The technology our engineer need to consider is how we can use the battery to supply the power so as to operate the battery heavy load cart to transfer materials frequently around.

    We know the large load capacity from 1 Ton to 300 Tons need the industrial electricity to supply the power to give the motor power to control the transfer cart to run around.After study this for 3 months our R&D team design the battery heavy load carts successfuly.Just about 2 months later ,our factory manager has taken our workers manufacturing the battery heavy load cart successfully and the cart can run on the rails with heavy load materials of 100 tons.This is some basic knowledge about our battery powered heavy load transfer carts.

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