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Promotion solution of steel mill handling system
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    Network advertise has enter a difficult period for our steel mill handling system.

    After we made the market research, we begin to change the strategy and begin to use the exhibition on site. The promotion is more direct for the client. We can meet the client on site and introduce our steel mill handling system Then the promotion solution about the handling system will have a high demand for our sale personnel. They need to know well Business Etiquette, product professional knowledge, fluent oral english, high social skill etc. These are all challenges for our sale personnel. They need to strength their capacity and can deal with the clients easily. For promotion solution, we will prepare the brochure, photo, video to show handling system to the client. We can show our handling system video on site and let the client has clear know. The handling system can be used in the steel mill, but als be used in other fields, such shipyard, machinery, heavy industry etc

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