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truss type single girder gantry crane
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    Truss type single girder gantry crane is a crane with a bridge supported on two legs using a hoist or trolley.Two support legs support the beam, and the hoist carries objects from one point to another points.At the support legs bottom have the runway rails can drive the crane move to different locations.The gantry crane have the high space utilization,wide operating range and commonly utilization,Widely used in the construction and ship building industries.

    The single girder gantry crane lifts heavy objects in small manufacturing units and warehouses.single girder gantry crane are equipped with wheels that can be fixed in different areas of a factory. The height of the hoist fastened under the girder in a single girder gantry crane is lower than that of a double-girder crane. A single girder gantry crane has lateral braces for added strength.

    The truss type single girder gantry crane is welding by steel angles or I beam form the truss structure. This product is a ideal crane widely used at open ground and warehouses to load and lift materials,mostly used for outdoor processing and material handling,It's have reasonable structure, higher strength steel,reliable performance,light dead weight, low cost,easy for maintenance and fix, the main beam is hollow,small windward side and wind resistance is good,nice appearance.

    Truss type single girder gantry crane is used together with CD, MD Model electrical hoists. It is a track traveling small and medium-sized crane. It's proper lifting weight is 3 to 20 tons, proper span is 10.5 to 31.5 m,working temperature is -25°C to+40°C.Flammable,explosive and corrosive gas are forbidden in the work environment.It has two controlling methods, ground controlling and room controlling.

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