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LX model electric single-girder under slung crane
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    LX model electric single-girder under slung crane used together with CD1, MD1 model electric hoist, become a kind of railway runs light duty crane.General lifting weight in 0.5 tons ~ 5 tons, span 3 ~ 16 meters, the running speed of 20 m/min and 30 m/min, if you have special requirements can also design and manufacture.LX model electric single-girder under slung crane is designed according to standard JB/T2603.Application to factories, power stations, warehouses and workshops
    LX model single-girder under slung crane for ground control, working duty is A3 ~ A5.Working environment temperature - 25 ~ 45 degrees, working environment temperature exceeds the scope and have special requirements, the supplier and demand can consult with special order.
relative humidity ¨Q 85%, suitable for work in no inflammable, explosive and corrosive medium environment, melting metal, toxic items with caution.Working power supply: AC 380 v, 50 hz also can customize according to customer's requirements.
    LX model electric single-girder under slung cranes because of its compact structure, good rigidity, sensitive operation, low noise, no pollution, safe and reliable, etc are widely used in machinery, assembly workshop, industrial and mining enterprises, warehouse, material yard and other places.
    LX model electric single-girder under slung crane is mainly composed of main girder, beam, electric cars, electric appliances, lifting mechanism.

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