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single girder unledged gantry crane
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    Single girder unledged gantry crane, as mentioned in its name, don’t have extensions (ledges) above leg level.

    The single girder unledged gantry crane, which moves on the rails fixed on ground, has 4 legs. It can be constructed Single girder or Double Girder. There are four main parts : Hoisting Unit, Bridge Travelling Unit (Boogies), Bridge Steel Construction and Legs.double girder unledged gantry crane are generally used in Marble, Steel Rolling Mills, Building and Steel Construction sectors ; especialy for open area storing, lifting and loading purposes.

    Delivery time of such unledged gantry crane is short since standard elements are used in production. We can produce crane for special purposes upon request.

    Operator cabins which easiness the operator’s sight and improve drive ability are offered optionaly and can be mounted on gantry crane legs.

    We produce original unledged gantry crane combining acceptable standards and customer requests with different lifting capacities in our own unique designs.

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