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How to chooce a electric hoist?
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    How to chooce a electric hoist? 

    Many friend have interest to purchse electric hoist ,but they dont know how to chose.I am from Xinxiang Hundred Percent Electrical And Mechanical Co., Ltd. which is best manufacturer of crane and electric hoist .Today,i will introduce some experience to chooce the hoist which you cant find from book or internet,in fact,nobody will tell you this.
     When the customer need to chooce a electric hoist,the recommend from us is electric wire rope hoist,because it is cheaper but much useful in many field.
     CD.MDmodel is for single girder crane or be fixed in general.But It can be transformed to adapt the LH crane.The customer need to know the lifting capacity ,if is higher than 10 T,we recommend HC model.Because It will much durable than CD or MD model hoist in the same work condition.The defect is its speed will little slower than them.
     Sometimes,if the customer tell me their house is low while they need higher lift distance,we will recommend the low headroom electric wire rope hoist .It will supply maximize overhead clearance .
     sometimes,there will a little of customers may need hoist with trolley,In this condition,they buy it for LH crane only,the customer should tell us the gauge of trolley.
     We also supply electric chain block,it is be made up by motor ¡¢transmission mechanism¡¢chain wheel.its lift height is 3-7meter and its lift weight is 0.1-20 T.It is for small light type operation,and its work system is lighter than electric wire rope hoist.
     Any way,Xinxiang Hundred Percent Electrical And Mechanical Co., Ltd. is a company with many years experience and have a tech team to support the technology.The salesman such as me is ready to supply services any time you need.So,if you need to buy a electric hoist,please tell us,we will give you best advise,if you need some hoist that you cant find seller for it in the market,you can tell us,we will design and manufacture for your special.

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